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hearst newspapers article template

Client: Hearst | Product: Hearst Newspapers

This updated template for article pages on provides the editor with options for the featured image, which includes the use of media as the feature.  The layout also adapts for a portrait versus landscape feature.

November 23, 2015


age of aerospace for discovery channel

Client: Discovery Channel | Product: Age of Aerospace Documentary Site

Age of Aerospace is a documentary created for Boeing’s 100th Anniversary that aired on the Discovery Channel.  In addition to presenting the documentary online, Boeing wanted to provide supplementary information that corresponded to parts of the film. The content also had to work across any device or platform.  I created different templates for presenting different types of information, such as videos, charts and photographs.  In addition to creating the UX, my responsibilities included managing and developing content.

October 21, 2016


hearst newspapers premium galleries

Client: Hearst | Product:  Hearst Newspapers

The new gallery template was intended to be immersive and  be capable of standing-alone.  It can be launched from within an article page or be linked to directly. This template is responsive, adaptive, allows for larger screen viewing with caption, has the option for additional ad space and accommodates all sizes of images without cropping.

The Hearst premium sites include, and

November 23, 2015


don’t be a loser sweepstakes

Client: Asurion | Product: Don’t Be a Loser Sweepstakes

Asurion provides phone replacement insurance through large telecom companies such as Verizon and Sprint.  In order to increase the number of followers for Asurion’s facebook page, we created the “Don’t Be a Loser” sweepstakes to attract new likes.   Using Google’s Wildfire templates, I designed and created a facebook app that ran a sweepstakes.  Asurion increased the followers on their page by almost 6k within three weeks.


September 9, 2014


dell ‘you can tell it’s me’ profile generator

Client: Dell | Product: Dell Consumer

Designed to work within the ‘you can tell it’s dell’ campaign, this app generates a cool profile image based on your likes, links and information from your Facebook page to create an image that really represents who you are. Every time you log in this “smart” app evolves your profile image so that it always represents what you’re into now.


September 9, 2014


start here. go places.

Client: AICPA | Product: Student Recruitment |

Concerned about their declining membership and lack of accounting majors, the AICPA began a student recruitment campaign. The goal of the Start Here. Go Places. campaign is to spark interest in a career as a CPA among high-school and early college students.

This campaign has won numerous awards including:

Role: Creative Lead, Art Director
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), New York, NY – “CPA Student Recruitment Campaign”, Start Here. Go Places.

Role: Creative Lead, Art Director
Wunderman New York;
AICPA; CPA Student Recruitment Campaign;
Outstanding Website

September 7, 2014


nationwide | have the talk microsite

Client: Nationwide | Project: Have the Talk Microsite

The Have the Talk microsite provided tips for beginning difficult conversations that address the need for insurance. The site used quizzes and humor to breach sensitive subjects.  I designed a quiz that could also be shared with family members in several ways including being placed into a facebook page.

This site won Best Insurance Microsite/landing Page from the IACA Awards.



September 9, 2014